It would be easy to credit Annabelle’s eye for design to her DNA. She grew up surrounded by the inspiration and artistic expression of her mother, an accomplished designer and business owner. Joining her on buying trips around the globe, Annabelle was exposed to a world of colour and eclecticism that planted seeds of creativity for her own career.

But while those early years shaped her sense of style, Annabelle has since refined it through her own travels and explorations. After studying commerce, then experiencing the world working on superyachts, Annabelle returned to New Zealand - and returned to her creative roots. She envisioned an eponymous store, presenting a collection of completely unique furniture and homewares, each with a story that carried a part of the places she loves with it.

Now, every off-shore journey becomes a source for new inspiration, where her appreciation for a worldly aesthetic draws on the shapes, colours, textures and materials of Asia, India and the Middle East.

With a knack for combining the contemporary and the collectable, Annabelle personally seeks and sources every piece in the store. The result is a blended aesthetic of style that inspires others to step away from trends, and instead choose timeless furniture and decor that has its own tale to tell.

Annabelle Plowman on her travels

Annabelle sourcing in one of her favourite places, India!

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