Old Indian furniture is my weakness. From the exotic materials, details, scratches and flaws, Indian furniture are the collectible pieces that make your home interesting. It’s not about having a home full of Indian furniture, it’s about incorporating these vintage pieces and mixing them with the old, new, contemporary.

I find that the most interesting and beautiful homes are the ones where they’ve mixed things up. Sometimes polarising for people, Indian furniture actually makes the perfect addition to a room and can slot perfectly amongst any style. Whether it be a meticulously carved pitara box or rustic coffee table alongside your mid-century sofa, or a colourful bone cabinet set against a minimalist linen palette, an amalgamation of textures, colours and styles is what makes a space uniquely yours.

During my most recent buying trip to India I realised that there is a lot of reproduction in the market. Simply meaning that I saw new furniture that had been intentionally made to look old. For me it’s the authentic weathering of the pieces that add to the individual character and charm. Our container is full of vintage Indian furniture and I’m thrilled to share that everything I have sourced is old–’genuinely’ old. The cracks, the dents, the chipped paint and former missing legs all tell a story; a culturally-rich story that you just don’t get with calculated flaws. I looked out hidden gems and broken items with the aim of restoring them to their former glory before adding a contemporary touch to some pieces.

You can expect to see a worldly aesthetic that effortlessly waltzes between the old and the new. Think marble tops on carved wooden chests, whitewashed, bleached and stained dark, all making for beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces for your home. Because they are vintage, each piece is a one-off; there are no two alike, making them even more special.

Don’t be afraid to combine styles and please reach out if you’re looking for advice on interior design. And lastly, don’t forget to keep an eye out for our new furniture arrivals. I hope you love them as much as I do.

Here are some of my favourite interiors that are mixing it up with vintage Indian pieces.