Elevate your interiors with our newest shipment of block printed textiles. Featuring tablecloths, cushions and napkins hand printed by artisans in India, these unique pieces flaunt a modern aesthetic rooted in history and are guaranteed to make a statement in your home. 


Block printing refers to the method of carving a pattern into a material like wood, linoleum or rubber, and printing an impression of that carved surface onto something like fabric or paper. Traditionally, and when describing the block printed textiles available at Annabelle’s, the term refers to the ancient technique of hand-carving motifs, patterns and designs specifically into wooden blocks, dipping these into coloured inks, and then stamping them onto lengths of fabric.

The technique originated in China in antiquity, initially with textiles and then paper. Before long, the process gained popularity throughout East Asia and India where it was injected with an entirely new and colourful lease of life. As the artistic technique grew momentum across India, the vibrant culture put their own stamp on the method by popularising intricate designs, developing unique patterns symbolic to particular villages, and using their mastery of natural dyes to brighten up the end result with graphic pops of colour.  

The newest shipment to arrive at Annabelle’s have been block printed onto linen by hand in India, with artisans using special skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. They have all been carefully carved and printed by eye, with telltale signs of the human touch coming through by way of small imperfections and slight nuances between the patterns. Like many of the handmade items we source internationally, it’s these imperfections that we love and think speak to the unique humanity of the craft. You can be confident that no two items will ever be the same. 

From floral motifs with bright colours to geometric patterns with subdued hues, our block printed textiles will add ineffable beauty to any room or space in your home. Visit us in store or shop online to discover the beauty of this technique with our newest block print range. 

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