A captivating mix of natural splendour, enriching culture and colourful cities, few places in the world compare to India. Diverse in every sense of the word, a trip to this unique country is always a highlight for me, and following my most recent visit, I’m so excited to bring a new collection of unique furnishings and clothing to Annabelle’s.

I spent my time exploring some of the country’s most popular cities, venturing off the typical tourist trail where I could, to uncover the incredible work of local craftspeople and artisans.

For furniture hunting I headed to Udaipur, a captivating city known for its marble palaces and picturesque lakes, and Jodphur, India’s history-rich ‘blue’ city. My pursuit of clothing and textiles took me to Delhi, India’s bustling hub, and Jaipur, the colourful and chaotic capital city of Rajasthan.

An absolute treasure trove of goods, I’m thrilled to let you know that a piece of India is en route to Annabelle’s by way of a 40ft shipping container packed to the brim with my favourite finds.

Scheduled to arrive in two months, this new collection will feature an incredible array of old, original Indian furniture; think mirrors, dining tables, coffee tables, pitara boxes, damichya chests, majuce chests and benches. We’re also excited to welcome a new range of handcrafted bone inlay furniture (a local technique with regal roots that refers to the inserting of contrasting material onto a base object). There’ll also be new additions to our clothing line with a colourful range characterised by beautiful fabrics and delicate patterns.

From intricately carved furniture to colourful jewels and ethically-sourced textiles, I’m so excited to bring you these pieces, and give you the resources you need to add a bit of India’s magic to your life.

Bone Inlay Furniture is a handcrafted style of furniture unique to India. Made over many weeks, the style refers to a traditional technique where Indian craftsmen fix intricate pieces of bone or mother-of-pearl to a base object/wooden frame.

Bright and colourful textiles from Jaipur

Udaipur, also known as the Venice of the East, is home to some of the finest Indian textiles and furniture.

Jaipur, with its labyrinth of bazaars, beautiful temples and opulent palaces, is also known as the Pink City.

If there’s a specific item you’re after, or if you’d like a preview of any of the pieces ahead of their arrival in store, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re also available to assist with interior design projects, little and large, so let us know if you’d like help reimagining a space or finding the perfect home for your new items.

As we wait sit patiently in anticipation, here’s just a small glimpse at what’s to come.




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