I draw my interior and styling inspiration from many people, places and experiences around the world. One of my favourite interior designers is Anna Spiro, she is a Brisbane based interior designer with a career spanning over 20 years.

Our interior styling aesthetic could be described as yin and yang, where I like neutrals, rustic pieces and adding pops of colour with decorative items, Anna designs spaces full of colour, mixing patters, colours, fabrics, wallpaper, textures, art and traditional antiques all within the same four walls of a single room. She has become known for going beyond the confines interior design rules and everything she does is a contradiction—it's unexpected and it shouldn't all work together, but it does. She's a genius and despite the differences in how we would style a space, she is one of my absolute favourite designers.

If I was to look for comparisons between our work, it would be that we both love to create unique spaces where the end results is a curation of objects brought together to create an interesting, layered and inspiring space. We both like to defy all design boundaries and our finished rooms could never be described as boring.

 ”The most successful rooms are those that are layered and imperfect and not of any particular style you could ever describe. These rooms are unique to their owners and admired by everyone who steps inside them. They are the rooms we should all endeavour to live in because they truly reflect the lives of the people who own them“ — Anna Spiro

If you are wanting some serious interior inspiration you should follow her on instagram @annaspiro or better yet buy her book here.

Scroll down below to see just a fraction of favourite images from her, enjoy! 


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