If we go back a couple of years it was actually a trip to Bali that first planted the seed for what has now become Annabelle’s. The beautiful Indonesian island, with its laid back charm, idyllic landscapes, amazing eateries and the friendliest people had me completely captivated after my first trip.

The incredible cuisine is reason enough to justify a trip. I don’t always get the time to explore and vet through dining spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but if I pass on one piece of advice it’s that you must visit Quince café in Canggu, it’s my favourite spot and I always make time to visit! What piqued my interest to return was the most was the incredible, handcrafted homeware and furniture. During my first visit I was a kid in a candy store, utterly enthralled by all the macramé, rattan, shells and textiles, but as the popularity of Balinese decor has grown and my own style has evolved my approach to buying here has changed and I have to make sure what I’m bringing home has a point of difference. I am always hunting to find pieces that no one else has, I place more importance on it now than ever before. I look for a mixture of one-off, old pieces, I still love rattan and shells but I try to find styles I haven’t seen in other stores in New Zealand. From filling my first 40 ft, to the Plowman Collective pop-up, to now sourcing for two Annabelle’s stores in Hawke’s Bay and Auckland, buying trips to Bali will always be a part of the journey.  

While Bali is forever going to be much-loved spot for me, and you’ll always find pieces from here in Annabelle’s I only find myself here once a year now as I’m going further afield to bring you more unique homewares and furniture from other incredible destinations around the world. On that note, our Indian shipment is due mid August, our next shipment from Bali will arrive end of October AND I’m currently planning a buying trip to a new country which I will visit near the end of 2019, so you can expect a lot of new arrivals over the next few months!