I can't recall a specific moment that sparked the initial love for interiors but it's probably because I was so young—my love for interiors, design and fashion has been with me for what feels like my entire life. Growing up, I would often accompany my mother Nicki Plowman on buying trips around the world as she has worked with interior design her whole life, so it often feels like I was born to do this! The moment I decided to open Annabelle’s was on a trip to Bali, I was accompanying mum as she was buying for a resort in Vanuatu and when I returned to New Zealand I was so inspired by what I saw I returned back to Bali within two weeks to fill a container- It’s our 5 year anniversary next month, crazy! 

I draw inspiration from all areas of my life; growing up I was exposed to the most beautiful French antiques and then travel. Between working on super yachts and buying trips, first accompanying Mum but then for Annabelle's, I have experienced people, culture and design from many corners of the globe. These influences all underpin my eclectic style which is evident in my own home and in Annabelle's. In this new Covid-world, I'm spending much more time online, Instagram and Pinterest can transport you to some pretty inspiring places and Anna Spiro is a bold designer I admire.

My mother, Nicki Plowman. From day one, I was always tagging along on her jobs and helping her rearrange and style different corners of our home. As I've grown up and developed my own sense of style we now complement each other; we both know our own strengths so I often describe our relationship today as bouncing off each other.

I'm always seeking one-of-a-kind, special pieces that will withstand the test of time. Whilst understanding my market is inherent to my buying process, I'm always sense-checking my choices to ensure I'm not buying into a fleeting trend and choosing pieces that will work within any of my customers homes. It's because of this, I often have customers asking when I'll be restocking sold out pieces but as there are no two pieces alike once they're sold they're gone.

The people, touching and feeling everything I buy and the memories you make! On trips to India, China and Indonesia, every piece is handmade, old and unique so not being able to see the proper colour and finish in person is a real challenge.

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